About the Author

TerrifikidsPooja Kapur, is a mother of two girls aged eleven and sixteen …and was inspired to write this book for her girls when she was awaiting a test result for cancer screening in 2003 as a guide of sorts for her husband to help raise her children. Around, the same time, post an eight year stint in advertising and marketing she became a Special Features writer for Social Causes and Founder of an initiative called TASC (Towards A Special Cause) ,that reaches and provides external support out to various special causes. Her features on various social causes have been published in The Gulf News, DNA newspapers and magazines like Femina, Good HouseKeeping, GR8 and ME.. Pooja was awarded the Karmaver Puraskaar in 2012 for her work for social causes. The work ,Pooja and her twin sister Payal Kapur Sharma do is detailed in their website www.towardsaspecialcause.in, they have devoted the last twelve years to helping various causes close to their heart especially children and adults who are visually or mentally challenged.

From the author…

“A close friend of mine during her fight against cancer kept her will to fight alive just thinking about her two young children and what her absence from their life could do to them.” This book is a tribute to her and hundreds of others who’ve been in a similar situation.

The incredible essence of motherhood that encompasses selflessness, rare grit, unconditional love and caring has remained unparalleled and always will be.

“The true selflessness of being a mother came to light, when I lay in my hospital bed waiting to deliver my second baby and realized that the focus of my thoughts was not on the traumatic experience about to begin but rather on the well being of my four year old at home while her father and grand mothers stood by my side.”