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Pooja KapurYou may be the hapless mother who has tried all conceivable ways to get through to your child effectively and failed to generate the desired response… or a father grappling with the momentary or prolonged absence of a mother in your child’s life… or the rebellious kid who wants anyone but mom’s voice guiding you through this complicated maze called life… whatever be your profile, this book attempts to provide basic tools that may provide simple solutions and guidelines.

No book, however extensive can substitute the words of wisdom encased with the special love, care and concern of that of a mother… The modest attempt is to provide both a simple guide for easy reference or a serious manual when the presence of a mother is lacking in a child’s life. It is these combinations of a special desire to share information and impart some knowledge that may help readers gain some valuable input that have resulted in this book.

Each chapter addresses a separate issue. Every element discussed is a key issue for all children, the world over.

The friendly advice put together in the form of chapters is based on extensive research and counsel by experts. Real life experiences of mothers and children .Contents of the book are also based on the interactive and innovative programme ‘TERRIFIKIDS’ created by me and my twin sister Payal Kapur Sharma for school going children especially those who come from less privileged backgrounds. They also mentor and guide students and working adults especially those who are Blind and from less privileged back grounds via a programme called Professional Orientation…

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